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            Notice of price reduction

            Updatetime:2017-01-06 Click:

            To thank the old and new customers for a long time on the Jinan North Equipment Co., Ltd. trust and support, the company decided to lead some of the equipment price changes. The changes include positioner, wheel bracket and a series of commonly used welding auxiliary.

            Jinan North Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional welding Equipment and cutting equipment manufacturer in the field of welding and cutting for strong technical strength and production experience.

            Jinan North Equipment Co.,Ltd's leading products include :light welding positioner, heavy duty welding positioner,light welding turning roll,NC flame/plasma cutting machine ,Protable flame cutter ,welding oscillator and all kinds of wire feeding parts.

            Ultra-low prices, high product quality, first-class level of technology, welcomed the new and old customers to come to the Advisory single!